Nico Eats, by Florencia Sepúlveda Camposano

Helping children develop healthy and adventurous eating habits.

Nico Eats is a project that helps children develop healthy and adventurous eating habits by bringing food to playtime, exposing kids to food in a relaxed, fun, and exploratory way. Under this umbrella, 2 sets of products have been developed: Nico Cooks and Nico Tastes.

 Nico Cooks is a unique set of cooking tools designed especially for children, which are accompanied by storytelling and delicious healthy recipes. Nico is a ‘food inventor’ who invites children ages 3-6 to cook delicious healthy recipes with the help of a story and cookery book, and a set of playful cooking tools designed especially for them. This is a fun & safe way for kids to experiment with food and develop their taste, spark their creativity, while building new skills, and encouraging their independence and autonomy.

 Nico Tastes is an exploratory toolkit that invites parents and children to discover the world of food together, by using their five senses in a fun and safe environment. Kids are not pressured to try food, but instead, they are encouraged to engage with it in ways they have never done before, using a set of playful tools dedicated to each sense.

Nico Eats will be displayed during London Design Festival 2017 

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